Thursday, March 29, 2007

Chasing a Sunset

While watching tv early yesterday evening I noticed a beautiful sunset reflected in my neighbour's windows. I immediately reached for my camera and car keys, hopped into my car, and followed this magnificent, firey, setting orb right on into the next village. Stopping and pausing along the way, I was able to capture some of the intense, colourful richness of this setting sun.


LLD said...

Love the colours in this shot, I find my sunset's never turn out as nice on the camera, as they look in person!

me and my camera said...

Hi lld,
I often used to get too much light in my exposure and so like you, my pictures didn't always turn out as nice as I had expected. Now I most always use a manual setting and adust the EV setting to a slightly negative value; -.3EV, or -.7EV and these settings often result in richer, darker colours. Its fun to experiment with settings until you get the results you want to achieve. Thanks for your comment.

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