Wednesday, December 03, 2014


When waking last Thursday morning, I flicked on the light switch and I remained in the dark!.. Oops, a power failure was the result of the overnight snowstorm! What to do?, What to do? I hadn't prepared the night before for the possibility of needing an alternative light source, but fortunately my husband had and he handed me a flashlight!  Thank goodness!!  I proceeded downstairs, brrr... no heat as our oil furnace needs electricity to power its fan necessary to circulate the heat!  With the use of the flashlight I found some short candle stubs and luckily I remembered where a cigarette lighter was.  (We gave up smoking years ago), but you never know when a lighter is needed, like then! and viola, LIGHT!!!

How wonderful light is!  and electricity!!  How I miss it when we are in the midst of a power outage!  no heat, no light, no hot coffee! I will have to find some sort of setup where I will be able to boil water for tea or coffee  with a candle... Perhaps a fondue-set?  I am sure this is  not the only power outage we will experience this winter!!  But isn't the candlelight beautiful?!!
we have since purchased  several new candles, red as a matter of fact, for the season.  The candles in the above photos are now in my bedroom with a lighter beside it, so that the next time I awake in complete darkness with no power response in the light switch I shall be prepared! and I will just reach for the candles and lighter. I amnow  prepared.
Happy season to you all.. May there be light!!!
Even our snowblower is powered by electricity... groan.. I see that the ground covering outside our window today is white!! and the forecast is predicting freezing rain.  But there is very little depth to the snow and I don't have to venture out on the roads today! and that in itself is a blessing! Retirement is wonderful! , especially in the winter season!

Friday, April 18, 2014

A Tranquil Day in Spring

Sprting is the time of year when I feel relief that winter is over and almost any beautiful outdoor scene brings a sense of tranquility to me.  
Today, while looking around my favourite pond I spied a duck on the calm waters.  However when I got my camera in position to take a picture, the duck disappeared by diving under the water.  I waited patiently until the duck surfaced again and then I took its picture.  
The duck was a female Common Goldeneye and I found the scene tranquil and beautiful

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Day of March 2014

The month came in lamb like and it is going out like a lion.

Spring in my backyard.. Lion graphic compliments of shutterstock.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

A winter street scene

we had more snow on the weekend and the shovel was used extensively this time rather than the snowblower as the snow was so light.  As can be seen in the photo the sidewalk has already been cleared.  I used the handle of the shovel to frame the walker on the street.

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