Tuesday, September 09, 2008

H is for Hot Air Balloon: ABC Wednesday Round #3

What a magnificent photo opportunity awaited me when I decided to attend the 23rd annual Atlantic International Balloon Fiesta last weekend at Sussex, NB. It was my first time attending and I have marked it on my calendar and hope to be in attendance again next September! For information on the balloons and balloonists just click on the Balloon Fiesta link.
The excitement started to rise as the balloons gradually filled and the crowd waited to see which one would be first to lift off the ground.

A couple of shape balloons, Jumping Jack and Mr. Peanut, were real favourites of the little ones in the crowd.

My appreciation and thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt's Place for hosting ABC Wednesday Round 3. To view more ABC Wednesday posts via Mr. Linky please click HERE. For viewing the new format of ABC Wednesday Round 3 where all posts can be seen in the same place, please click HERE.

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