Friday, March 14, 2008

Saint John River Ferry

This river ferry crosses the Saint John river between Grand Bay-Westfield and Harding's Point. There is no charge to cross on river ferries operated by the government of New Brunswick. This ferry will hold 18 cars.
There are four cable ferry crossings on the Saint John river. The other three are located at Gagetown, Hampstead and Evandale.


Sandpiper said...

I love these ferries. There is one in the town where I grew up. As a kid, they would take me across the river for 25 cents. :) It only holds about 6 or 8 cars and they charge a few bucks now, so the price has gone up. These are beautiful pictures. Nice rich colors.

me and my camera said...

I love the river ferries too but don't have need to travel on them often. On one of the ferries are two Tree Swallows houses and it is so fascinating to see the swallows nesting there while travelling back and forth across the river all day long! I shall have to post photos of them when they are in season again. Thanks for your comments, glad that you enjoyed.

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