Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ice Melt


Texas Travelers said...

Really nice photo. Sharp and good levels. Do you Photoshop? I haven't commented on this blog before but I have viewed it regularly. I like all of your photographs. You have a good eye.


Sandpiper said...

Wow! That's NICE!! Such a great picture!!

me and my camera said...

texas travelers:
I only purchased photoshop a few weeks ago and haven't really gotten into understanding how to use all of its wonderful features yet. I often use it for cropping to get a closer view; such as these round icicles posted here. I was on a bridge and they were down below, just above an icy stream.

This is the time of year, of transition between winter`s cold and spring`s melt when there are some fantastic ice creations to be found! Look once and they`re there, but look twice and they`re gone; its the nature of the season.

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