Wednesday, December 03, 2014


When waking last Thursday morning, I flicked on the light switch and I remained in the dark!.. Oops, a power failure was the result of the overnight snowstorm! What to do?, What to do? I hadn't prepared the night before for the possibility of needing an alternative light source, but fortunately my husband had and he handed me a flashlight!  Thank goodness!!  I proceeded downstairs, brrr... no heat as our oil furnace needs electricity to power its fan necessary to circulate the heat!  With the use of the flashlight I found some short candle stubs and luckily I remembered where a cigarette lighter was.  (We gave up smoking years ago), but you never know when a lighter is needed, like then! and viola, LIGHT!!!

How wonderful light is!  and electricity!!  How I miss it when we are in the midst of a power outage!  no heat, no light, no hot coffee! I will have to find some sort of setup where I will be able to boil water for tea or coffee  with a candle... Perhaps a fondue-set?  I am sure this is  not the only power outage we will experience this winter!!  But isn't the candlelight beautiful?!!
we have since purchased  several new candles, red as a matter of fact, for the season.  The candles in the above photos are now in my bedroom with a lighter beside it, so that the next time I awake in complete darkness with no power response in the light switch I shall be prepared! and I will just reach for the candles and lighter. I amnow  prepared.
Happy season to you all.. May there be light!!!
Even our snowblower is powered by electricity... groan.. I see that the ground covering outside our window today is white!! and the forecast is predicting freezing rain.  But there is very little depth to the snow and I don't have to venture out on the roads today! and that in itself is a blessing! Retirement is wonderful! , especially in the winter season!

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